Origination/Creator: MediaRites

Title of Collection: Crossing East Oral Histories, Interviews and Transcripts

Date of Collection: 2004 January 1-2006 February 1

Size:  more than 200 hours of interviews

Format:  mp3

Language: The material is in English

Repository: Crossing East, http://www.crossingeast.org/

Media Rites, Portland, OR, http://mediarites.org/

Abstract: The Crossing East Oral Histories, Interviews and Transcripts presents a view into the lives of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans throughout United States history. The collection contains the digital interviews and transcripts collected during 2004-2006 for the Crossing East public radio series of eight original one-hour documentaries that aired on 230 public radio stations nationally from 2006-2007.


Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

Copyright: The copyright interests in this collection remain with MediaRites Productions. Collection materials are for nonprofit, educational purposes only. For broadcast and reprint uses, contact MediaRites for permission.


In 1984, MediaRites Productions was established as a nonprofit organization operating out of Portland, Oregon. They strive to promote an understanding among diverse communities through the arts, education and media projects.  MediaRites Productions focuses on creating and distributing original work that tells true life stories and how those stories can, by increasing understanding across communities, ultimately improve society for us all. Their award-winning work focuses on unrepresented peoples such as recent immigrants, disabled youth, the homeless, or those with terminal illness.


The records of the Crossing East Asian and Pacific Islander American history series include audio and transcripts of interviews and oral histories with scholars, community experts, elders and community members. The interviews were conducted between January 1, 2004 and February 1, 2006. The records contain more than 200 hours of interviews which were used to create the Crossing East public radio series of eight original one-hour documentaries that aired on 230 public radio stations nationally from 2006-2007. The audio and transcripts for interviews is organized by radio show and segment. Also included in the collection, unaired interviews not included in the programs and the music accompaniments.

Interviews range from scholar accounts of historical events to personal stories and histories. Notable interviews include those with actor, George Takei and with scholars and experts: Judy Yung, Jeffrey Barlow, Dia Cha, Catherine Ceniza Choy, Bill Ong Hing, Franklin Odo, Gary Okihiro, Jaideep Singh, Ronald Takaki, Linda Trinh Vo, Ji-Yeon Yuh, Jack Tchen, Ah Quon McElrath, Barbara Kawakami, Bill Puette, Lee Tonouchi, Valarie Kaur, Bruce LaBrack, Professor Dawn Bohulano Mabalon, Betty Tisdale, Nguyen Qui Duc, Senator Mee Moua, Alberta Lee and family of Wen Ho Lee, Helen Zia, Reverend Norman Fong, Edward Chang, Angela Oh, Aqueela Sherrills, Sharmala Rudrapa, Shavali Shah, and Yuri Kochiyama.

Musicians’ performances in the collection include: Angelo Pizarro (guitarist and composer), Wilma Pang (Professor at San Francisco City College), Ledward Kaapana (Master Slack Key Guitarist), Russel Baba and Jeannie Aiko Mercer of Shasta Taiko , Jared Rehberg (Singer/Songwriter), Jon Jang (Jazz Pianist), Daran Kravanh (Accordionist) and Aishwarya Venkataraman (Violinist).


Program One: First Contacts

  • Program One: Segment One: Unsung Sailors
  • Jack Tchen, Associate Professor, New York University and co-founder of the Museum of Chinese in America
  • Bob Kennedy & the crew of the Lady Washington
  • Professor Timothy Ball
  • Professor Jean Barman
  • Community scholars


  • Program One: Segment Two: Kanaka Village
  • Larry Wong
  • Larry Bell
  • Suzan LaGrove of The Hudson’s Bay Company Museum
  • Marie Kalama & The Kalama Family
  • Tom Koppel
  • Rick Lebus
  • Mayor Pete Poulson & the City of Kalama
  • Cathy Roland
  • Bruce Watson
  • Archaeologist Doug Wilson & the Fort Vancouver Historical Reserve


  • Program One: Segment Three:Manila Men
  • Gary Okihiro, author and professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
  • Fred and Dorothy Cordova of the Filipino American National Historical Society
  • Nestor Enriquez
  • Marina Espina
  • Isabel Gedoria Welch
  • Lillian Mae Burtanog Faxon
  • Joyce Burtanog Pascual
  • Rhonda Richoux Fox


  • Program One: Segment Four: Bitter Strength
  • Jack Tchen of New York University and co-founder of the Museum of Chinese in America
  • Judy Yung, Lead Scholar, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Santa Cruz


Program Two: Frontier Asians

  • Program Two: Segment One: Ing “Doc” Hay
  • Jeffrey Barlow, history professor and Berglund Center founding director at Pacific University, Oregon
  • Professor Judy Yung
  • Carolyn Micnheimer, former caretaker of the Kam Wah Chung Museuem
  • Former residents of John Day
  • Ed Wah, relative of Ing “Doc” Hay
  • Thelma Kite


  • Program Two: Segment Two: Frontier Women
  • Professor Judy Yung
  • Author Ruthanne Lum McCunn


  • Program Two: Segment Three: Asians in Agriculture
  • Farmer Harold Tamano
  • Farmer Harry Yokoyama
  • Andy Yokoyama
  • Professor Wayne Maeda, Sacramento State University, Wayne Maeda Asian American Studies Archive
  • Professor Isao Fujimoto, Distinguished Emeriti, University of California, Davis


Program Three: Raising Cane

  • Gaylord Kubota, former founding director of the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, Maui, Hawaii
  • Domingo Los Banos, docent of Hawaii’s Plantation Village
  • Espy Garcia, docent of Hawaii’s Plantation Village Ah Quon McElrath, activist and labor leader, Hawaii
  • Barbara Kawakami, Hawaii based author, expert storyteller and scholar on Japanese immigrant clothing
  • Alma Ogata
  • Fuzzy Alboro
  • George Fujiwara
  • May Fujiwara
  • Jon Arisumi
  • Moses Pataki
  • Richard Nagame
  • Ronald Takaki, author and emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
  • Franklin Odo, formerly of the Asian Pacific American Program at the Smithsonian Institution
  • Bill Puette, Director of the Center for Labor Education & Research at the University of Hawai‘I, West O‘ahu Campus Parliamentarian, Hawai’I State Associateion of Parliamentarieans
  • William Boylan
  • Lee Tonouchi, author,poet, playwright, also known as “Da Pidgin Guerilla”
  • Kent Sakoda and Jeffrey Siegel, authors of Pidgin Grammar: An Introduction to the Creole Language of Hawaii
  • Shigeko Miyashiro, singer of Hole Hole Bushi songs


Program Four: Exclusion and Resistance

  • Program Four: Segment One: Angel Island
  • Casey Lee
  • Professor Judy Yung
  • Erika Gee of the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
  • Dale Ching, docent of Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation


  • Program Four: Segment Two: Paper Sons
  • Professor Judy Yung (repeat) – (This might be the best place for her interview


  • Program Four: Segment Three: Defining American
  • Valarie Kaur, filmmaker and civil rights lawyer/activist
  • Judge Brar and their family
  • Jaideep Singh, scholar/activist, formerly of University of California, Berkeley
  • Bruce LaBrack, cultural anthropologist and South Asian Specialist, Univeristy of the Pacific.
  • David Thind


  • Program Four: Segment Four: Seeds of Citizenship
  • Eudosia Juanitas
  • Max Lamar and Jean Lamar
  • Professor Dawn Bohulano Mabalon, Assistant Professor, History, San Francisco State University


  • Program Four: Segment Five: Cambodian Deportation
  • Andrew Thi and Sing Thi (same interview)
  • Porthira Chimm, John Hopkins University School of Education
  • Jay Stansel, attorney, Visiting Professor at Evergreen State College
  • Bill Ong Hing, Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco and Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis


Program Five: Brides and Children

  • Program Five: Segment One: Military Brides
  • Maria Miyagi and Dave Bartruff
  • Kazuko Umezu and Carl Stout
  • Wen Kim Denham
  • Tsuchino and Michael Forrester


  • Program Five: Segment Two: The Story of Ok Cha Yang
  • Ok Cha Yang
  • (Rainjita) Renee Geesler


  • Program Five: Segment Three: I Am
  • Wei Ming Dariotis, associate professor, Asian American Studies, San Francisco State Univeristy
  • Daniel Mori Schwinn
  • Julie Thi Underhill, writer and photographer
  • Janet Stickmon, author
  • Anthony Brown, musician and politician
  • Cahn Oxelson


  • Program Five: Segment Four: Unanswerable Questions
  • Katy Robinson, author
  • Ruben Chapelhein
  • Kate Hers-Rhee, visual artist
  • Hyunju Chapelhein
  • Johnny Collins
  • Thomas Clement, author
  • Lowell Rojon, musician
  • Debra Johnson, author


  • Program Five: Segment Five: Baby Pictures
  • Richard and Tina Silver
  • Jared Rehberg
  • Shannon Hetrick
  • Betty Tisdale, “Angel of Saigon” Operation Babylift and Helping And Loving Orphans (HALO)


  • Program Five: Segment Six: Where I’m From
  • Ruben and Hyunju Chapellhine
  • Ying Ying Fry
  • Amy Klatzkin
  • Terry Fry
  • Adoptees Maya, Zaji, Meili, Yang, Maggie and Kam


Program Six: Post ’65 Generation

  • Program Six: Segment One: A Grocer’s Life
  • Don and Floria Myoung
  • Isaac Romero
  • Employees and customers of the Trojan Meat Market


  • Program Six: Segment Two: The Family Business
  • Manu and Kruti Patel of the Apache Hotel


  • Program Six: Segment Three: In Her Own Words
  • Esther Simpson
  • Professor Catherine Ceniza Choy


  • Program Six: Segment Four: The Teahouse
  • Yolanda Wang and family
  • Melissa Ho and family


  • Program Six: Segment Five: The Paradox of the Fujinese
  • William Chu
  • Profesor Bill Hing (repeat)
  • Dong
  • Jimmy Cheng
  • Lana Cheung
  • Kai Yu Chem


Program Seven: Refuge from War

  • Program Seven: Segment One: Home Is Always Somewhere Else
  • Nguyen Qui Duc, author and former Host and Producer of Pacific Time, KQED
  • Program Seven: Segment Two: Refugee Dreams Revisited
  • The Van Lang Vietnamese School in Portland
  • Quy and Tien Nguyen
  • Ly Chheng Tang
  • Long San Tzeo
  • Farm Yoon Lee
  • Lee Po Cha
  • Khanthaly Thammavong,
  • Sokhum Tauch
  • Kilong Ung
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Daran Kravanh
  • Tou Meksavanh
  • Mary Cha
  • Cho Pham


  • Program Seven: Segment Three: Hmong in America
  • Houa Thao
  • Ai Moua
  • Blia Yang
  • Peng Yang
  • Kate Mueller
  • Senator Mee Moua, Minnesota Senate
  • Dia Cha, former Associate Professor of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota


Program Eight: New Waves and New Storms

  • Program Eight: Segment One: New Movement for Civil Rights
  • Alberta Lee and family of Wen Ho Lee
  • Helen Zia, author
  • Professor Bill Hing (repeat)
  • Reverend Norman Fong, executive director of Chinatown Community Development Center


  • Program Eight: Segment Two: Sai-I-Gu
  • Edward Chang, Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Riverside
  • Angela Oh, attorney and Korean American spokesperson
  • Don Myoung
  • Sonny Kang
  • Aqueela Sherrills, activist, campaigner against gang violence
  • Larry Aubrey, writer and activist


  • Rizwan Raja
  • Biju Mathew, activist and co-founder of New York Taxi Workers Alliance
  • Bhairavi Desai, founding member of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance
  • Javaid Tariq, co-founder of New York Taxi Workers Alliance
  • Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Diane McGrath-McKechnie


  • Program Eight: Segment Four: H1-B Blues
  • Sharmala Rudrapa, Associate professor in Sociology and the Center for Women and Gender Studies at the University of Texas, Austin
  • Shavali Shah, Senior Fellow at the Center for Social Inclusion
  • Rajiv


  • Program Eight: Segment Five: Racial Profiling Then and Now
  • Yuri Kochiyama, Noted Civil Rights Leader
  • Deepa Iyer
  • Malik Ali and Bobby Khan (interpretin)
  • Reverend John Oda
  • Samena Faheem.
  • Musicians
  • Angelo Pizarro, guitarist and composer
  • Wilma Pang, Professor at San Francisco City College
  • Ledward Kaapana, Master Slack Key Guitarist
  • Russel Baba and Jeannie Aiko Mercer of Shasta Taiko
  • Jared Rehberg, Singer/Songwriter
  • Jon Jang, Jazz Pianist
  • Daran Kravanh, Accordionist
  • Aishwarya Venkataraman, Violinist