Professor Takaki, Questions about Hawaii Plantation Society

Professor Takaki, Questions about Hawaii Plantation Society
Interview by Robynn Takayama
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ROBYNN: How does plantation society in Hawaii differ from others?

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TAKAKI: In Hawaii you had a diversity of workers from all over the world. Not just Asia, particularly China, then Japan, the Philippines, Korea.

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On other plantations, say in the West Indies, you don’t have that kind of diversity. So that Read more...

Teresa Bill

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Interview Robynn Takayama
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:10 My name is Theresa Bill and I’m the program coordinator for Bridge to Hope at the University of Hawaii and yes, you have permission…

Focus on women. 1908-1920 as PB period. Why these dates and who are we talking about?

:45 If you’re talking about picture brides to Hawaii between 1908 and 1920, you’re particularly talking about J, K, and Okinawan women and they are actually, when you do immigration Read more...

Hawaiian Senior Center 11/20/04

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Hawaiian Senior Center 11/20/04


ROBYNN: …for young people like me to know what our grandparents went through so it’s good to hear all those stories.

GEORGE: We didn’t do bad things but we had a lot of fun doing things. I’m hard of hearing in this ear because when I was young I used to go fishing, catch fish for the family, yeah. So I dived deep water so I punched out my ear on my left side so I gotta apologize if I don’t hear you folks right. I Read more...