John Y. Arisumi

John Y. Arisumi
Interview Robynn Takayama
Transcript created June 8, 2005

:10 My name is John Y. Arisumi and I worked for Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company. I started to work there in 1938 right after grade school. I was paid first job as a summer employment. I worked for my dad in the stable. I was paid $.75/day. And after a couple of months summer was over. I had been making $.75/day so I went to see the field boss. And the field boss said I’m too young to go into field work. I said, “Let me try.” So he let me go into the field. That’s when we started to get $1.50/day.

1:14 Well, working in the field to irrigate sugar cane. We called it the cultivation contract. And cane is raised for 18-20 months and then they let it dry to harvest. I went through 2 cycles of that from late 1938-early 1942. It was about 4 year’s crop. And later on, I felt I couldn’t do this kind of work so I went to work in the plantation shop. Read more...

Fuzzy Alboro

Fuzzy Alboro
Interview by Robynn Takayama

ROBYNN: Name etc.

FUZZY: My name is Fuzzy Alboro, Sr. I was born in Lahaina in a camp called Kiavi camp. And the camp I was born in, I was homegrown. My grandma and my dad brought us up in this world. We had two different camps. One was Filipino camp and the other was Japanese camp. But both were Kiavi camp. Read more...