Farm Yoon Lee Part 1

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Farm Yoon (Susan) Lee (Mien)
Interview by Anne Morin
July 18, 2005
18 Tracks


1 I was born in Laos. We have 6 of us – so we have 3 girls. I am the fifth youngest one. I have younger sister. So I am number 5. My mom and dad now they live in France. They’re not here. They live in France. So I have only one sister here with me. The rest of my brothers and sisters live in France. Read more...

Tien Nguyen and Thao Vu

Tien Nguyen and Thao Vu
Interview by Anne Morin
Date: June 22, 2005
1 Disc: 9 tracks

1 Let’s go back to Vietnam. I think what we want to do is that. So how old were you when the war began in Vietnam?

Thao: The war began in Vietnam, actually, I remember it start in 1960 some, about 1960 some, and it start I can say about 1960 some – I don’t remember exactly what year, but it getting worse in about 1967-68 it was the worse during that time. Read more...