Racial Profiling Raw Audio Transcript

:55 I guess sort of reminded about whatever events are happening in the world and hopefully the events that happened 3 years ago, September 11. And I wanted to come here and feel sympathy and come here and celebrate that moment and pay tribute to all those people who suffered three years ago and are still suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan and all around the world, where ever there’s war torn areas. So that’s what brought me here.

All that and the fact that this is a good chance for people of different backgrounds and religious faith and races and all to get together and do the same thing and get acquainted. We hadn’t met before. But we find that we have some similarities and that’s what this is about, like the speakers said tonight. It was very nicely done.

:05 I’m sort of fortunate that the Japanese community came out the muslim community because I’m part of the American muslim community. And that the fact that they sympathized with some of the backlashes that the muslims were facing here when September 11 happened. And it was really nice to see how fast the J community came forward and were there to support us during a difficult time. It was a nice feeling to know that was happening. Not just the J community, but also other communities were coming and supporting the Muslim community. Because there was a lot of backlashes and stuff going on and it really helped out a lot. Read more...