Scott Nakagawa-Helen Ying

[00:00:03] Dmae: As far as you were talking about we chat which happens and what led you to I guess have concerns. Can you talk a little bit about that.

[00:00:15] Helen Ying: Well actually it wasn’t me that had concerns. It was really more of my friends who contacted me because you know she said the group that’s organizing this rally in Portland. They don’t have a lot of experience. They really need to have CCA (Chinese Citizens Alliance) get involved in and help them to make sure that they have their T’s crossed and i’s dotted and so on. And knowing you know that’s what they’re you know primarily because of the detention. You know that there was a Chinese-American officer you know the person who was killed in shot and killed was an African-American. And so there was a concern that the African-American.

[00:01:00] Helen: African-American Community may take issue with a group of Chinese rallying you know at Pioneer Square. And did it. Read more...