Singath Thi

Singath Thi: :09 Well, my name is Singath Thi. My brother and I are a year apart and we go to high school together and through the whole 4 year of high school from ’89-92, both of us do really well in school. :27 and we’re pretty close. We’re not like cats and dogs. And he do his own thing and I do my own thing. I do like sports: volleyball and badminton. He’s into wrestling.

He have friends. He hang out after school. And I guess maybe he just started hanging around with the wrong friends. :51 like after school. I mean, he helps my dad on the weekend. That’s the only time he works is on Saturday and Sunday, like 8 hours doing gardening work with my dad’s business. And I guess when he start hanging around with the wrong friends and friends from Oakland, and then meeting with the girls and having girlfriends, he just start cutting school for a little bit and I guess that’s when he start getting in trouble and people start showing him how to steal cars and 1:29 stereos and that he start getting in trouble in 16 y.o. That’s when he start doing bad stuff. But he still doing good in school