Rainjita – CD 12 md 2 part 2

25:50 CD 12 md 2 part 2 –

well we made it home after driving for a really long time. We made it home and went all over the country side. We went to the north Korean border, we went to the DMZ area, where I learned about north and south korea… and we went to so many Buddhist temples which were so beautiful. In some of the temples there were large Buddhist statues, and gold statues. And some of them were stone outside standing, There were 9 of us in the car, and it took a long time to drive. My cousin can speak engligh, and I he helped me a lot. And my girl cousins, sung he and sung me, who are also helpful. It’s hard to record with so much emotional things coming out and also with so much going on. It’s hard to record. Plus my mom gets uptight sometimes because she gets agro. And she wants me to do what she tells me, which this is not how I have been raised. She gets nervous and agro, untilmate agro and I have to deal with that. Put your shoes on, rarara chill out!!! Chill out!! Buit that’s not so good. I try to avoid conflict as much as possible. But it’s been good. Cousin is going to come and we can go shopping or something. I like him because he is my age. My mom’s personality fits in with her brothers, family is very close and loving and do a lot together.

4:01- today is Thursday. We have been relaxing after so many things. This is my radio diary. We have been shopping a little and going around a lot. Loud airplanes. You want more money. You say you gotta go shopping. I have big bucks to spend. You only spend 800$? I didn’t spend 800$. I thought you said you needed the rent money? No that’s fine. So… He’ll take it. Yeah he will. So me and mom have been here for 8 days. We have done a lot in 8 days, packed it in. So many temples and mountains, ocean. My mom talked to her brothers about the good old days. Read more...