Program Eight - Segment Three: Taxi Turmoil

In April 1998, New York City laid out 17 new rules that increased fines for taxi drivers and made it easier for them to lose their licenses.  A majority of the drivers came from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, countries that had taken up arms against each other just decades before.  But the city’s taxi drivers were angry enough to do what many said couldn’t be done: they organized.  For one day, they walked off the job and went on strike and proved they were a force to be reckoned with. 


Rizwan Raja, Biju Mathew, Bhairavi Desai, Javaid Tariq, and Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Diane McGrath-McKechnie.

Produced by Deepa Ranganathan


Aishu Venkataraman, Violinist is a 13-year old violin prodigy, playing in a South Indian style. As Divine Strings, she performs nationally while her father accompanies on drums. While attending middle school, Aishu also takes lessons in classical and bluegrass violin and has already been accepted to a summer program at the Berklee school of music. divinestrings.com

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