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Free to PRI Affiliates.
Available on PRX, on the Content Depot, and on the public radio satellite.
Broadcast dates: May 2006 - May 2007.
5:00 music features on Asian American musicians for stations without newsbreaks.
30-second and 15-second promos also available on PRSS and PRX.
Contact: Kathy Gronau at (888) 233-5650 or info@creativepr.org or your PRI station rep

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George Takei (288kb); Margaret Cho (312kb)

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Program One:
William Naukana, Hawaiian laborer, mid-late 1800s
Courtesy of the Roland Family

Program Two:
Ing 'Doc' Hay, herbalist in John Day, OR, late 1800s
Courtesy of the Kam Wah Chung & Co. Museum
Program Three:
Japanese Sugar Cane Worker in Hawaii, early 1900s
Courtesy of the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum in Oahu
Program Four:
Dale Ching of the Angel Island Immigration Station
Courtesy of Crossing East
Program Five:
Vietnamese war bride Wen Kim Denham with her daughter, 1970s
Courtesy of Wen Kim Denham
Program Six:
Manu Patel, owner of the Apache Motel, and his daughter Kruti
Courtesy of Crossing East
Program Seven:
Mien-American refugee Farm Yoon Lee
Courtesy of Farm Yoon Lee
Program Eight:
Korean Americans in mourning after the 1992 Los Angeles Riot
Courtesy of Korean American Museum in Los Angeles

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