Program Eight - Segment Five: Racial Profiling Then and Now

Hundreds of volunteers walk from San Jose’s Japantown to the South Bay Islamic Association in California. This candlelight walk for peace on the 2004 anniversary of September 11th is one of many events where Japanese and Muslim Americans are joining together, because the attack on the Twin Towers produced another wave of racial violence.


NPR News Archives, Deepa Iyer, Yuri Kochiyama, Bobby Khan interpreting for Malik Ali, Reverend John Oda, and Samena Faheem.

Produced by Robynn Takayama


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Aishu Venkataraman, Violinist is a 13-year old violin prodigy, playing in a South Indian style. As Divine Strings, she performs nationally while her father accompanies on drums. While attending middle school, Aishu also takes lessons in classical and bluegrass violin and has already been accepted to a summer program at the Berklee school of music. divinestrings.com

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