Program Three: Raising Cane

Hawaii was a self-contained society when Captain Cook made first contact.  Then settlers and missionaries turned Hawaiians into workers and the islands into plantations.

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Pidgin English: “Talk Story” is a term used in Hawaii for people gathering together for conversation.  On the plantations, people of different ethnicities had to find a way to communicate, so they created a common language to talk to each other.                
Bonus Materials

Pidgin English, as aired on 'Day to Day'


Listen to the piece, aired July 27th on NPR's "Day to Day."

Thank you to Kent Sakoda and Jeff Siegel, who added the scholarship to this piece.  For more information, click here to read "Pidgin Grammar" by Kent Sokoda and Jeff Siegel.

Or here to read "Living Pidgin" by Lee Tonouchi.

Visit the Hawaiian Plantation Village.

Hawaii Life Slideshow

See photos of the Plantation Village, the Alexander & Baldwin sugar museum, and historical plantation photos.

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