Wilma Pang

[00:00:02] Ok am Wilma Pang and I teach at City College. I teach music. I teach in music like music appreciation and theory. That’s my basic courses. But I have been in the community the Chinese community for orgy over 30 years and I’m quite active in the Chinese community organizing programs particularly musicians to perform on streets of Chinatown. Yes. I organized them to play there last year and during the stars three years ago and Chinatown was abandoned.

[00:00:52] What happened

Angelo Pizzarro

Pearl of the Orient – Angelo Pizzarro





A: I’m Angelo Pizzarro. Full name is Nichasho Angelo Velasco Pizarro. And being surrounded by music when I was young I developed…kind of distorting…

Oh, I see.

I’m Angelo Velasco Pizzrro and I started at a very young age, surrounded by music. Music all over the house, my cousins, my brothers all playing instruments. And my cousin got me enrolled in a junior high school and that school they didn’t have Read more...