Catherine Ceniza Choy

Catherine Ceniza Choy
Author, Empire of Care

Why the phil? Some observers claim it’s natural for US to look to the phil to recruit nurses. Some claim filipino women are nurturing and inately caring making them a natural target for nursing recruitment in the US.

My research emphasizes the US colonial presence in the phil beginning in 1898-1946. One of the proj in US colonialism was Read more...

Esther Simpson

Esther Simpson, wave file 1

My name is Esther Hippel Simpson. I’m a registered nurse. I work at the veterans medical center.

Take 2: I am esther simpson, and i am a registered nurse, i work at the seattle va medical center.

:48 Where did you receive your nurse training? I received my basic nursing training in the Philippinesippines and it was at st. Paul college of manila and it is for 5 yrs. And i took my masters degree in nursing at the university of the Philippinesipppines.

Was St. Paul a prestigious

Eudosia B. Juanitas (TRANSCRIPT ONLY)

(interview #2)
Recorded by Ruby de Luna

Track 2: AMBI sound with doorbell and Eudosia saying “coming”
Track 3: Eudosia B. Juanitas

[and what year did you come here again?]

[I want to know when you became a citizen of the US]

Now, let me see, after uh, after the war. After the war, you know the last war.

[How did it feel when you finally became a citizen?]

Oh, it was alright..hahaha

[How did you feel…did you feel happy did you feel sad?]

No, just as usual because I didn’t care where Read more...