Origination/Creator: MediaRites

Title of Collection: Crossing East Oral Histories, Interviews and Transcripts

Date of Collection: 2004 January 1-2006 February 1

Size:  more than 200 hours of interviews

Format:  mp3

Language: The material is in English

Repository: Crossing East, http://www.crossingeast.org/

Media Rites, Portland, OR, http://mediarites.org/

Abstract: The Crossing East Oral Histories, Interviews and Transcripts presents a view into the lives of Asian and Pacific Read more...

Tien Nguyen


1 I am Tien Nguyen

2 This is Tien Nguyen. And he is going to talk about . . . Let’s start with your childhood. Tell us where you were born and who your parents were and what they did for a living and a little bit about your home.

I am Tien Nguyen. I was born in 1950 in South Vietnam in a city called Saigon. My father who was a Army, a South Army person, so he moved around a lot in South Vietnam, moved from state to state.

I didn’t get what you said. An Ahkmee? What is Read more...

Carolyn Meisenheimer


Museum Tour

[00:00:00] Carolyn: I am Carolyn Meisenheimer. I’m the curator of the Kam Wah Chung Museum. Actually I have worked here 25 years as of this year I tell people the story that goes with the building. And then answer questions and just generally give them what. Let them look around and see what’s in the building. This is my 25th year of working with it.

[00:00:28] I’ve had lots of enjoyable times in talking with the old timers the new dark and long on and off Read more...

Sokhom Tauch

[00:00:00] Sokhom: I am Sokhom Tauch and I’m executive director of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization in Portland Oregon.

[00:00:09] Dmae: And would you tell me a little bit what it means to be a refugee?

[00:00:14] Sokhom: I I was a refugee in 1975, came into Portland back then something August in 1975 and the tough thing is the change in culture but a shock in culture and also the language barrier that we had back in the ’75 and the job is to come up with different language Read more...