Sharmala Drapa

I’m Sharmala Drapa and I’m an assistant professor in sociology here at the university of Texas at Austin in sociology and Asian American studies.
This is I just finished four years of being in Austin. I graduated from Madison, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin at Madison where I spent a LARGE amount of time being at graduate school. It was a bit difficult to leave the town.

Um I came to the united states in 1989 as a graduate student in Environmental studies and got my master’s in that and switched to sociology for a Ph.D. Completed my degree in 2000 and got this job and moved here to Austin Texas. Um Presently I am on an HIB. Most of my student life I was on FI visa, which is my student status and the minute I got this job here at UT uh Univ. Texas, they changed it to an HIB visa, which is a temporary worker visa. Meaning this visa is valid for three years and then earlier this year I applied for an extension for

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