Carolyn Meisenheimer


Museum Tour

[00:00:00] Carolyn: I am Carolyn Meisenheimer. I’m the curator of the Kam Wah Chung Museum. Actually I have worked here 25 years as of this year I tell people the story that goes with the building. And then answer questions and just generally give them what. Let them look around and see what’s in the building. This is my 25th year of working with it.

[00:00:28] I’ve had lots of enjoyable times in talking with the old timers the new dark and long on and off Read more...

John Day Interview

John Day #2: 4/29/04 – Witnesses/Miners


D: Do you. I was just wondering, could you show me these pictures here? Cuz they look like they’re historic. And could you just say your name and …

L: My name is Lois Phillips.

D: And who are these photos of?

L: This is my husband’s grandmother. And that’s my husband’s grandfather.

D: And who are they?

L: DeLors. That’s Josie DeLor and Alex DeLor.

D: And how far back do the photos go?

L: Well, I have to tell you a story here. This is the Read more...

Professor Takaki, re: Doc Hay

Professor Takaki, re: Doc Hay
Interview by Dmae Roberts
Date: 4/23/04
1 Disc – 27:19 – 5 Tracks

TRACK 1 – 0:01
TRACK 2 – 10:03

DMAE: Okay, I need to have you do that again. (a/c gets turned off. ) okay, we’re still rolling.

TAKAKI: Hello. My name is Ron Takaki. I’m a professor of Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

DMAE: What is the place of the Ing Hay story in the American West.

TAKAKI: Well, the context is the American