Richard Silver

Richard Silver, Vietnam adoptee who returns to Vietnam
Interviews by Dmae Roberts/Sara Kolbet
Dates: 3/28/05, 4/4/05, 7/7/05
2 Discs; Disc 1, 71:29, 9 Tracks; Disc 2, 41:05, 6 Tracks

TRACK 2 – 10:03

RICHARD: I’m Richard Silver and I just got back from Vietnam. It was an amazing trip. Our trip encompassed a day and a half in Vietnam. We went with world airways, from Peach City Georgia. The purpose of the trip was to commemorate the 30th anniversary of operation babylift. The reason why world airways took this trip on and sponsored it is because Ed Daly who took this ion in 1975 was the owner, founder, and was in Vietnam in April that year and saw the need for these children to get out of Vietnam. His intentions were to get 300 children out of Vietnam. The country put a stop to that, he was only able to get out 57 on April 2nd. And because of his heroism president ford said we need operation babylift. So world airways really paved the way for operation babylift. So they wanted to take as many of the adoptees of the 57 as they could. They were able to fill their guest list with 21 adoptees with their spouse or guest and a bunch of employees and corporate executives, along with a passel of media. It was a great trip but busy, you didn’t’ have time for yourself. You were moved along with the schedule,, either a banquet, a tour. Read more...

Shannon Hetrick

Shannon Hetrick on Vietnamese adoption
Interview by Miae Kim
Date: January 12, 2005
1 Disc, 16 Tracks, 62:00

TRACK 2 – 5:01

My name is Shannon Hetrick and I was born September 10, 1972 in southern Vietnam. This was during the Vietnam War and I came over through the Operation Babylift in April of 1975. My parents who adopted me are from Georgia and it’s very interesting because a lot of us who were from operation babylift were sent around to various homes across the US and elsewhere, outside the US. Read more...