Valerie Kaur on early South Asian immigration

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Valerie Kaur on early South Asian immigration
Interview by Sara Kolbet
Date: 12/22/05
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I am Valarie Kaur. My grandfather was Kehar Singh, one of the first pioneers from India to America. He left his village New Moon…He left his village called Chanama, or new Moon in 1911, he was 17 years old. And he followed his older brother to Manila and Shanghai. He worked Read more...

Jaideep Singh Interview

Jaideep Singh Interview
November, 2005
Cap Public Radio Studio
By Rupa Marya
Transcribed by C Stifter

My name is Jaideep Singh I’m currently
Visiting Lecturer at UC Davis, and a Doctoral Candidate in the Dept of Comparative Ethnic Studies University of California Berkeley.

:45 US historian intersections of race class gender

Punjab 2/3 Pakistan 1/34 in India, agricultural heartland of India Language spoken is Punjab, demarcated along geographic lines. Far older than both of those nations Read more...

Judge Brar Log

Interview by Valarie Kaur

Well, Valarie, I think, I’m not positive, but in those days in India it was the English who were ruling there and they treated the Indians as slaves. They had a history of that. And I’m assuming my dad and uncle came here for a better opportunity.

September of 1913 was when they landed in SF bay the second time. The first time they didn’t have $5 Read more...