Jaideep Singh, Scholar/Activist, Formerly of University of California, Berkeley

Jaideep Singh, scholar
November, 2005
Cap Public Radio Studio
By Rupa Marya
Transcribed by C Stifter

My name is Jaideep Singh I’m currently
Visiting Lecturer at UC Davis, and a Doctoral Candidate in the Dept of Comparative Ethnic Studies University of California Berkeley.

:45 US historian intersections of race class gender

Judge Brar

Interview by Valarie Kaur

Well, Valarie, I think, I’m not positive, but in those days in India it was the English who were ruling there and they treated the Indians as slaves. They had a history of that. And I’m assuming my dad and uncle came here for a better opportunity.

September of 1913 was when they landed in SF bay the second time. The first time they didn’t have $5 for the port fee. PHONE Read more...