Interview with Rick Lebus

Interview with Rick Lebus

S: So do you mind saying “I’m” and your name and you were talking about Hawaiians and their pride.

R: I’m Richard Canejo Lebus, I am part Hawaiian. And what I find interesting about Janice Duncan is this is written in 1972 and she has the population estimated at 300,000 and one of the things that the houlees tried to do early on was try to diminish the Hawaiians, their population, their ability to navigate 6, 7 thousand miles across the ocean, to all these island Read more...

Larry Bell re: being a Hawaiian Descendant in the Pacific Northwest

Larry Bell re: being a Hawaiian Descendant in the Pacific Northwest
Recording by Sara Kolbet
Date: 1/29/05
1 Disc – second half of Cathy Roland – 44:44 – 6 Tracks

TRACK 7 – 10:03

LARRY: I am Larry Bell and I am European, Cosalish and Hawaiian. On my Hawaiian side I am descendant of William Mahoi, Hawaiian laborer to the northwest Coast of North America, a man who came here, I’m going to say here to the northwest coast in the early 1800s. I would say the 1840s is the best Read more...

Hudson Bay 2

Part 1

Part 2

Hawaiian Senior Center Group
Interview by Dmae Roberts & Robynn Takayama
Date: 11/20/04
2 Discs
Disc 1 – 6 Tracks –


ROBYNN: …for young people like me to know what our grandparents went through so it’s good to hear all those stories.

GEORGE: We didn’t do bad things but we had a lot of fun doing things. I’m hard of hearing in this ear because when I was young I used to go fishing, catch fish for the family, yeah. So I dived deep water Read more...