Max Lamar tape log

Max Lamar tape log:
Track 1
(Sounds of walking into building…elevator…introducing myself to Max, TV sounds in the background…first 6 minutes)
— Max talked about working in San Francisco in a restaurant and then working on the farms in Salinas, etc. , his wife Jean comes inside…sounds of her talking to us.

Start here: (no TV sounds) (Track 2: .50 seconds remaining)

[When did you move to American from the Philippines?]
[And how old were you?]
Around…I was 17

Eudosia B. Juanitas (interview #2)

Eudosia B. Juanitas (interview #2)
Recorded by Ruby de Luna

Track 2: AMBI sound with doorbell and Eudosia saying “coming”
Track 3: Eudosia B. Juanitas

[and what year did you come here again?]

[I want to know when you became a citizen of the US]

Now, let me see, after uh, after the war. After the war, you know the last war.

[How did it feel when you finally became a citizen?]

Oh, it was alright..hahaha

[How did you feel…did you feel happy did you feel sad?]

No, just as usual because I

Dawn Mabalon tape log: Filipino exclusion segment (TRANSCRIPT ONLY)

Dawn Mabalon tape log: Filipino exclusion segment
Reccorded by Stephanie Loleng
Seeds of Citizenship

My name is Dr. Dawn Mabalon and I’m an assistant professor of history at San Francisco State University.

[Explain to me the Tydings McDuffie Act?]

The Tydings McDuffie Act is an unfortunate collusion of two groups. One um, one group essentially wanted Filipino exclusion from the United States the other group was pushing for the independence of the Philippines. The tragedy in the Tydings McDuffie Read more...