Crossing East Archive Project

Crossing East is eight one hour documentaries on the history of Asian American immigration, from pre-America to post-9/11.  Because of systematic exclusionary laws, Asians immigration has been restricted over the course of America’s history; Asians are now a low four percent of the population in America.  Though many are third or fourth generation Americans, Asians are viewed as perpetual foreigners and their history has largely been untold.  Crossing East is the first comprehensive series on radio or television on Asian American history. Listen for it May 2006-May 2007 on public radio stations.

Crossing East concentrates on the many waves of Asian immigration into America and the impact this immigration has had on descendants, global ties, and the making of this country.  Crossing East relies on scholar and oral history interviews, archival recordings, and professional actors reading historical documents and literature, as well as original music by Asian American musicians around the country.

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