Rainjits CD#2

Cd # 2- (73:47)
Arriving, phone book, subway, city hall, police station,

Part 1- arriving

Tell me who you are, what day it is and where we are.

This is Okcha Gleisman, Okcha Yang, today is September 3, this is the first day of the search, I don’t know what we are going to do. I can’t find a phone book, hopefully we’ll do something. I don’t know, it’s a totally big outlook, big city.

Describe what you see

1:39- O: Tall buildings, signs, who knows what. It’s amazing. I don’t know where to begin. I am looking for some of these signs, trying to figure it out. Housing something. Looking for apt got to go there. (figuring out Korean)

3:22 So being todays your first day, howd you wake up. What were your feelings?

O: It’s morning, everything is new, I don’t know what’s going on. Nothing prepared. We should explore and get some groceries. We’re in a hotel room. Korean even though they are advanced, everything is useful. R: What are we going to do after we get the groceries. We’ll buy some things.

Part II- phone book:

Hopefully I go to city hall, fid some phone book. Hope fully I have enough paper work that I need. That’s why we have to start early. R: What’d you find mom. We’re in the street, looking for Yang du cheik. I standing in phone book looking for yang du sheik.

5:47- where the hell is it? What are you seeing? I can’t find it. Still looking for it. These are all business? Last name is first… These are all business? Doesn’t it look like, 7:38: (sounds of traffic) What letter’s that? O: O, R: we need Y? Last names first. O: right. O: they look like they are all business people. R: Do you know how to read his name? Yeah.
(looking thru phone book Lot’s of trucks.) Hhhaa I don’t know. How come I can’t find him? (going thru in Korean)

8:44 R: I see only men outside right now, O: all the women are working. HAHAHHA. Right? R: There’s phone cards next door. O: Oh yeah?


9:55- Yang, I got to find the Yang, there’s not Yang! R: holy shit, lot’s of buses! Should we go ask that guy? Let’s ask him if this phone book is only for business. (still looking thru) O: Let’s go. Oh, that’s the lottery! Where do you see phone card? R: I thought I saw it here, yeah, here. Phone card? He sells phone card. O: Oh yeah. This is only cell phone right? Oh yeah she do.

11:30: international calling card and turn it over. Do you know how to ask her how many minutes? How many minutes?
O: How long? She don’t understand. I need to call America. R: Does it call united states? I think it calls international. Let’s see. It says English. (mom tries to talk Korean, buying calling card…) O: There’s 14, see it? There is another one honey.

PART III- subway

17:00- We’re looking for breakfast now. Want to go in there? Here we are walking down the street. Well I don’t see any food. O: we’re looking. R: I think this is the wrong way. We could go around the corner. R: What time is it here?

19:14- That’s the 12, so we go down stairs. Yeah, basically we just go down the stairs and figure it out from there. Line 2 towards the stadium. I don’t see city hall. Well we could just try it. I wonder what line this is there? O: we gotta go down. R: Get rid of your ci first. Do you have the address of this place? We’ll draw a lot of attention. O: yeah we are. R: good O: I don’t know why we are drawing attention.

(Walking ambiance down stairs, talking)

22:52- Yeah, we’ll just chill. What are you thinking? O: yeah, I’m just listening. R: This is the shopping place. There’s people there, where’s the ticket? She said go down, line 2, this is the street, and you get down to 12, then here we are. That’s line 4, and we have to go to 2 line, so it’s this way. Yeah, let’s go that way. That’s where everyone is coming from. There a little more conservative, they are wearing conservative outfits, dark clothes. I think there is an outdoor market.

24:59- these are good. What else do you want? How much is it? I love those. (mom finds some food she loves) You make this? R: what’d we buy? O: Cake R: suddenly I feel sleepy. R: I don’t want any. She said that is cheap. OK here we go. Line 2. Oh here is the ticket seller. I remember getting that. Ummm,

27:54 O: tell him you want to go to city hall. R: hi, 2 tickets to city hall? Like this? How much? Should we get tickets back? Is this one way? We’ll get it on the way back. R: here you hold yours. OK line 2. I got tickets, hahahah. Alright mom, let’s go, I guess I should put this away for now.


29:22- OK here we are going to city hall. Let’s take a moment mom. O: What, this is a big city hall, here we go, I hope it’s good luck for me. You said we would go to KBS we didn’t go. R: we’ll go there next.

30:00- (talking to guy outside of city hall) I was born here right, and I went to America, I lost my brother, I want to find my brother and want to see where he lives. Information center. (walking) information information. Where is information? R: straight ahead. Oh there it is. R: We can go on a tour. O: there is no one here. (Waiting waiting)- Korean… No one is here.

34:00- Talking to lady: O: He used to live in suwan, (mixed Korean) He got married,.. yang dusheik. (phone dialing, she talks to someone)

38:12- (We go and meet other people) O: I need help, that’s all. 32 years, I lose Korean words. I’m Yang Okcha. In Korea? Suwan R: I am here daughter and come from the United States. (Korean and English) My brother is Yang Dusheik, that’s me, and my brother is here. He was here 32 years ago I left in 72. I want to find my brother, I don’t know how to go about it. City hall has record or something. R: police station? O: Do you have a telephone book? (looking thru telephone book) I didn’t know where to turn, I thought someone could help me.

47:30- Police guy- takes us outside. R: Mom, where are we going? O: We’re walking down to the police station, they will check on the internet, look at the file. I hope we find him. O: Before I leave I would like to find my brother before I go. R: I am doing a documentary. (Go in the police station, korean) Police man bring me here, he said you can help me. I am looking for my brother, Yang Dusheik. I haven’t seen him in 32 years. R: Talk in Korean if you can. (Korean) I went to America, I just came back yesterday looking for him. Yang dusheik. I went to city hall, they told me to come here. (go somewhere else) he just bring me over here. Internet you can go in? This is what city hall tried to write it down.


51:20- O: Why do I have to go there? Taxi cab? (they tell us to go somewhere else) OK. R: They should take us in the police car. O: Taxi taxi. R: It’s ok we are on an adventure. Not good. O: Do you want to eat? Let’s just get going. Hi! This the police give me this, can you take me there? Right here. R: get in. O: the police told me give to taxi driver, He write it down, he said give to taxi driver. I am trying looking for my brother. R: Talk in Korean if you can O: I can’t
R: yes you can. Where are we sitting? O: Back seat taxi. We are going I don’t know where. I don’t know why he wanted us to go there. It’s the police station.

R: OK we don’t know where we are going but.

Other place- talking to attendant.

56:44- my mom talking… I haven’t seen him so I don’t know, this is the information, yang Dusheik. That’s me, birthday? What’s his birthday? Right here. Yang Okcha, what did they say? They must have called him. I just got here from American yeasterday. That’s a long time. (Phones ringing)
59:00- I am from America yesterday. I don’t know Korean. How did yo useperate from your brother? 30 years ago? 32 years ago. How? I got married and went to America. R: She met my dad who was in the Air Force, got married, lost contact and now she is back 32 years later. O: he lives in Seoul I think. 72. vacation, just coming 18 days to find my brother, we went to police station, city hall, we are still runnin. Police told me to go over here. They said you can help me. City hall, police. Last chance I got is to go to KBS. Birthday is there. R: They need the birthday because it has an id number. You don’t have anymore papers? You don’t know his birthday? O: That is all I have. No certificate. I thought it was there. What is your telephone number? Hotel? (give them hotel number) this is where we are staying in the hotel for now. (mic noise) there is the phone number. R: Where is the paper with the number? O: I don’t know honey, Can’t find nothing, probably I left it. R: There is no phone number there? O: No. O: that’s my father, he is dead, he passed away a long time ago when I was a little girl. I don’t know honey, where’s key? R: It’s probably in your brown bag, oh there it is. Your mother? O: She died too. She passed away a long time ago. I swear I saw his name there. R: You see his name but no birthdate. Address. Room 615. O: yes that’s my younger sister. (talking to lady, Looking for papers) He used to go to school insuwan. I don’t remember. That’s where I used to live, I know he got married. He moved in Seoul somewhere. He lived in Suwan when she left. He went to the service, he went to the military. Suwan. He is three four years older, he went in service when he was 18. Till 21, or 22. I think you might find it never know. Yang dusheik, or yang duhwan. Something. R: is there anything else you can think about your family? What did he do for a living? O: when I left he was still in service. Take taxi come over here… Oh my God, you find it? Oh my God!!! He got kid too. Oh my god, I hope they do. You gonna do that for me? I have to do it soon, I don’t have much time, so you are going to call me in the hotel? Can you give me your number so we can call? You don’t have phone number or anything? Yang dusheik. Thank

Cut off!!! Damn it the MD ran out…