Rainjita CD#6

MD #5 CD 6 57:00

At the market and eating again:

Squid? This is all the fish. Oh.. so much fish, we’re at the market, there is hella fish! What’s that, that is chicken liver, dong to we, what is that? Squid? Yeah.

Do you remember these things? Yeah, we used to steam it and eat it!

2:02- this is clam, it’s good, there is fish egg, then you got kim chee, oh kim chee. Hum dig e- oh bigs!

3:37- You eat it! Try it! Can she try one? You first. You first. OK Mom, I’m going to eat a bug. MMMMM. Pun deg e- pun deg e tastes interesting. You heard it here, at the market! I don’t like that bug very much! Hahahaha. Look at this oh my God, bacon, kochi car U,

Hung gwa. Tuck, gya k sik. What is it mom? In English. Rice cake. I’m still recovering from that bug. That bug is good. Uh- Into the rest. Pig head!!! Pigs ear! OK we’re going to eat here, with the pig ears. Take our shoes off,

6:24- you see California like this? Mexico! Sidar, I want apple cider. They don’t have apple cider. Oh sprite.

7:47- see how her necklace sparkles?

Wash your hand. Ohhhh- it’s so nice cause it’s really hot outside. China town in Oakland, china town, pig head, just like in mexico, Same.

10:00- How do you say that? She wants to know (Korean…) We’re going to go to the ocean tomorrow. Ocean, sea, shell fishing. How are we going to get there? Five cars? Rental car. So hot!

Tell them I’ll send them a CD of the sound that I get. She is going to send a CD so that you can listen to the documentation.

What is this? Big gu big gu. What did you say? That’s pig. What is this meal? What is in there. It’s pork and clam, little piggy went to market. Gotta wait, all the stuff we’re gonna get. I eat now? By myself? Yup. Babak would be happy because everything is soup. It’s good! Ummm. What’d he say mom? His friend is over there, he didn’t see him.

15:52- What is this? Wa chung gol! Stew, beef stew. Sausage, you got, rice, noodles, it’s like stew, you got everything in it, the kitchen sink. Are they laughing at me cause I am recording everything? It’s ok right?

It’s stew, Korean stew. We like meat, vegetable, rice, we like everything. When you starve to death you eat everything, even bug!

(17:29- 22:14 sounds of eating, it’s making me very hungry, ambiance of cars, sounds of bugs. quiet)

22:35- maymi- meymi?? Sounds of bugs.

There is some sort of bug inside of this? In the leaf? I don’t see them. That’s so cool. What is he saying?

24:00- What is he saying? My father when he was dieing I had to come and get my brother. This used to be a school. It used to be no road, they took this. That was a long time ago, school start. You want some? Ohh more bugs, no thanks. We make juice out of it. Good for ya, lot of protein. Ya, I’ll drink carrot juice. Suwon got’s lot of historical site. Whole city in the middle of the city is mountains. You go all the way around. This is suwon I ganan. This goes all the way around?

26:45- Korean

We’re taking a tour. We should take picture of suwon. I’ll take a picture of suwon.
Big city.

If we had a lot of time we’d go hiking. Can we go up that trail? Too much. Stairs. No way. I want to go hear the bugs. I want to go hear the birds.

28:53- ambiance of birds. Quiet.

29:20- testing- we’re going to go on a train. Oh, we got to hurry! Train? (sounds of children) Do you want to buy our tickets? Yogi. (Korean)

What’d they say mom? They only going half way, can’t go all the way. OK let’s go!

31:00- I want to sit in front! Close the door? No. (O) Half price!!!

We’re taking a train now, thru the park. Lot’s of children. My mom said it should be half price. Here we go. Souvenier.

33:42- train whistle. 34:24- attendant. Sound of train going.

37:00- King? Tour.

37:37- 3 2 1 so it is Sunday, Mom, talk about what happened this morning. I try to give some money to my brother. My brother said. Start with how we moved out of the hotel, and how we came here.

My sister and law asked me yesterday why can’t you stay here? I said have a hotel room. She said just cancel it and come here. So we cancel the hotel and we stay here with my brother. In the mean time we didn’t by any gifts. Too much to lug around. You don’t know what they need. They said it is better to give cash, they might not have anything. They need money more. I offer them money, they don’t need it. My brother refused, he said to talk to my sister in law. She refused. I told them they need to take it. Because I didn’t buy any gifts, and I want them to go out and buy something for the family. They are insisting that they are just happy that I am here. They have been wondering and missing us, missing me all these years. And they are just happy as they’re heart is content. And she is happy that my daughter and I are not fussy, we eat anything she cooks. She is so happy. I try to explain to her what that is for. She thought we were giving her money for charity. I try to explain to her that it is nor for charity. It’s for gifts. She may take it she mioght not, I don’t know. If she wants to she will return it. I didn’t want to offend her. I told her that if she doesn’t take it we’ll go back to the hotel.

41:15- what are some things that are the same?

People are same. Still struggling. People are living better, higher standerd, more apartments. I think people are living longer. Better, bigger. To me it’s better my eyes. My sister tells me my brother is selling realastate. Houses are not selling. People are losing job.

42:33- talk about how you felt when your brother was OK. I was coming all these years, I was wondering if he was ok. When I saw my brother I was so shocked and surprised. He was in better health than I could ever imagine.

My brother is very gentle, quiet, not loud. Very smart man. He takes care of his family. He has a wife, homemaker. Three daughter, all graduate college. Oldest daughter lives on her own. Second daughter is so sweet. Works in I’m not sure. Youngest one is teaching. I was surprised people go to school all different hours.

What’s one thing that surprised you so much coming here.

46:13- Suwon, and korea in general is so much grown. So much people! It’s bigger than I could ever imagine. The huts are generally all gone. The rest are big high rise building. Cars, everyone has car, roads, are unbelievable. Lot’s of work in the last 50 years. So much development! Planning, roads, cars building, so unbelievable.

What’s a memory that you can remember? (door bell) Maybe I should interview her, what should I ask her? Ask her how she sees her family.

So your daughter got a new name, what is her name?

Eun Hae- hahaha. How do you feel that she got a new name? I think she got a nice name for herself. It fits her.

Way sat tung dong sing? Is that right? Way sat tung dong sing?

What does Un hae mean?

47:30 – Eun Hae- Eun- means you are humble. You appreciate everything people give. You are humble, honorable.

How does she feel having her new family??

48:11- my father miss you, I miss you. My family always miss you. (in Korean)

Every holiday, every day whole family talks about me. They miss me, they wonder what happened to me. In a couple of years they were going to send a search party. But must be phsychic, I found them first. Every holiday they thought about me.

49:53- What do you think about me and her? Say it in Korean?

She said they are very happy, she think I am good.

50:40- How do you feel about meeting your cousin?

50:45 Very beautiful.

She thinks your beautiful.

51:11- ohh…I usually have a lot of questions to say, but I don’t have anything to say.
Just say what you think. She knows American.

I’m just happy, your family is very nice, your father did a good job. (you should say it in Korean) I am really proud of dong sing, I am so happy that I could be here! I always said that I would find them.

52:14- What did she think you were like, what was she feeling not knowing who you were or where you were. What did she imagine?

(in Korean)

53:55- Did you do KBS?

So happy my family is meet I’m going America (Korean). What did she say? She is happy she meet us, she is going to learn more English, someday she hopes to come to America and meet me.

My name is ji won yang, age 26. My teaching mathematics in middle school, grade one and two. Very happy.