Rainjita – 2CD 10—MD picnic 2

2CD 10—MD picnic 2 62:00

(beginning is the north korea visit)


42:28- this is rainjita and it’s Tuesday. We have been here for like a week. It’s been intense and fast pace. My mom and I found her brother, and the whole family showed up. And it’s not so easy to record here. We’ve done so much from eating octopus, to a lot of raw fish. Like sardines so I am learning a lot and we eat so much. We have been traveling around. They have really gone out of their way. They are helping us so much to see korea, and so it has been wonderful to be here and meet them and experience my Korean culture. Highlights have been to eat the food, and go to nature. Go to temple and saw the river, and the rocks, so beautiful clean water. And I get interrupted recording. OK

45:22- sometimes it’s hard to be the center of attention all the time, they want to know what I am doing, and saying, They won’t let me clean dishes, and won’t let me do much of anything, watching me to make sure I like the food, am I OK? Maybe they are wondering where I am. This family is very there is no sense of space or privacy. Sleep, eat on the floor, all the foods, share, one big soup to share.

46:42- Together activities. Loving to know my cousins aunts and unlces. We went to the border of n and s korea. Nice to learn about. Been cloudy and rainy. Nice to be there anyway. My cousin ji yun is helpful in translating. I can realte to him. We went and got CD’s, lots of female cousins. He thinks that I act like a boy. And that’s it.

Family circle at DMZ area:

54:40 –laughing- she always, that’s why she doin that. Ok sune oma, I used to break the ice. She used to bleed a lot babies?????

57:49-???Korean conversation