Rainjita – CD 8 Track 2

Track 1- 50:33 I am trying to promounce korean words
Track 2- 13:44
Talking circle-

29:00 Upa sent me letter, okcha, they couldn’t find your records. (Korean) 1980…

30:37- I thought his wife.. before that. Upaga, sent me letter, Okcha, must be govt must be doing something new, they couldn’t find my record. That was the last… after that… you had two kid. Second daughter you had. Other than that he was making letter, two girl watching him. I’m too wound up. That was the last letter.

32:10- Korean…

I was having a hard time, that was when I was divorcing her father.

34:00- I will listen and then I will know what you are saying. Choghyn we sam chun… chagun kun we samchun… wesumo… imo…Ji un, these two are still not, tomorrow sung hee hung me,

He’s crazy. I gathered that by now.

35:15- 37:07- Look who has more muscle! Byung tae, cree samchung byun tae.. hahahahaha

Track 2- so we are at the airport leaving again. We had a great trip. Looking back on the trip, my brother, sister, and all the family, I am very happy with it. They turned out to be I ever dreamed of. They turned out very nice, open arms. When they got the first phone call, they were so shocked. They looked for it like I was, and like I said everything was good. All I know is that I have a big family.

I hear something weird on here. Do you hope to ocme back again?

Yup, hopefully soon. My brother joked and said 5 years, but next year is his fiftieth birthday and in korea fiftieth birthday is very big.

What are things that you learned about your family.

They are good health. I am glad we made this trip, we are getting old. I am glad we made this trip. We had a lot of fun. We were run thru the ringer. It’s nice to go but it nice to go back home. I can’t wait to see my family. Home away from home.

3:08- are you glad your daughter came even though she is a pain in the ass/

Yes I am she was so happy to see all of them. She helped me quite a bit, I don’t think I could do it on my own. I think I gained 10 pounds we ate a lot of food. I am glad we found our family. I am not disappointed. I did not know what to expect.

4:22- tell us where we are and where we just came from. We just came from Japan, we are in the United states, Chicago. My brother was good, everybody is doing pretty good. I am very exhausted. This is crap.

Talk about when you were sitting with your brothers in the circle.

5:00- talking about old times when we were grown up, we laughed and we cried. I am glad we went and made this trip, my daughter helped me a lot, She realized she has a lot of big family. I don’t know I could have made this big trip without her! Korea changed so much. She lives in California and I live in ny and now we go our separate ways.

Why are you happy you went?

We are all getting old, They were looking for me too, so we had a feeling. International flight is a pain in the neck and costum give us crap.

Was it worth it?

Did you learn anything new about yourself, from the past?

I know my brother and sister is doing good, everbody got more older and wiser. We all got family somewhere, I wasn’t sure how many. My daughter helped me a lot. It’s been kind of confusing, but we made it. Hotel, trying to find my brother. We found him in one day. A few hours actually. Love you bye.

7:52-3 2 1 – we’re here in the airport, we landed in America this morning, it went really really well. My mom left for Syracuse and I am waiting for my plane in Oakland. I feel happy to have met my beautiful family and to have been with my mom. My mom was hard to deal with, but I see when she get’s stressed she takes it out on the ones she loves the most. And I know she loves me and I just dealt with it the best way that I could which was just to avoid those situations. Although her wrath can be overwhelming at times, but when she is happy she is really happy. And it is joyous to be around her when she is happy. And she just told me that she couldn’t have done it without me. And this morning my family had someone park their car for them, and we checked our bags in and we went to eat. And my aunt found a bug in her soup and it was less expensive.. They waited when we walked thru the gate, and we waived and waived. It was a sweet goodbye, and I got so many presents. And they really want me to come back soon. We saw so many temples, and Buddhism.. I see that it is because it is in my blood. There is so much culture that I am connected with which I wasn’t before I am blessed to be connected to my culture.
Ambiance at end airport