Rainjita – CD 9 North Korea Discussion PARTIAL AUDIO

CD 9 MD 7 44:17- North korea discussion

North korea says Dong Il- unity

2:43- This area is North korea and south korea’s neutral area, neutral zone. This direction is south korea, opposite direction is north korea. We will show using the scope north korea’s society. This is North korea’s monitor.

8:00- This is north korea, this road is going to north korea. Only tour to the mountain. Using the scope see north korea. If the weather is fine, see the kung gone mountain, Today is raining, it’s hard to see. If it is clear you can see mountain and north korea’s building.

Is there a city near by? No.

9:44- one is yang ok cha, one is eun hae, She is going to make you a medalian. Today’s date. Commemoration gift. Oh that is free, right. Oh that’s nice. One’s a key chain one necklace. (sound of drill) Your Korean Name.

11:12- Korean name is Yang Eun Hae. There’s kung dong mountain and hargan river if the weather is fine.

13:32- (O) You got it? That’s pretty. Yang Eun Hae.

14:21 Korean- Mine says long life and happiness, what does your say? Yours mountain.

17:32- right there is south korea! Korean… dimarcation line. Dmz. Korean military base.

23:00- We’re north korea and I’m south korea, 500 meter, so you stay here and I stay here. Years ago, north korea here there cut your throat. (ji un) When I am military, very close. 151 miles. Screaming back and forth to communicate. What did you yell? Say hello! What are you doing? Come on come on!


26:33- look red cross shipping food, rice, north korea humanitarian aid.
This is unity’s cause, to reserve the issue of separated families.
27:31- we have family our selves, harmony our family originally from north korea. We’re come from North korea. My great grandfather come from north korea. My father as a young boy traveled Russia, china. War start and he settled in seoul. He used to be a house boy. My father is the only one who came down, but other family stayed there. They would be great uncles and ants. You have family there. Yang? Yes, yang. My original family is in north korea.

38:00- weather is very rainy, typhoon. North korea’s car.