Rainjita – Picnic with fish, looking at photos, trip to North korea

CD 7 77:29

PICNIC with fish, looking at photos, trip to North korea

Same day, we’re having a picnic. We just ate, but we’re eating again. Listen.

(ambiance of fire, mom talking etc.)

Brother talking… Get a stone, we’ll whack em… Here it comes. Big operation here.

2:24- Photo album at younger brothers house

we’re looking at photo albums. That’s a picture of home. That you? No oksunee. Oksun, oh yeah.

(Korean with brother) We sam chun…

Ji Un- My mother, and grandma.
It’s me. That’s you? That’s so cute! When I was young people says me, foreigner.

O- who’s that?

Ji un- Grandpa.

Look it, she’s pretty isn’t it? Yang Oksun. Kim …

5:11- gangsta. He looks Italian. (O)- I never seen mangu geseow. Creo, I gotta see this picture, maybe some of them I know. So long ago, I had a lot of friends, Look at this girl here. She is pretty. She is black.

Ji un- my sister.
Look at em all.

O- When he was too girl was looking at him. He used to be nice lookin. Him? Yeah. (younger brother)

Oh my God, look at that dress. She was rich, her mother and father had money, and we were poor.

Look at that suit! That’s Imo.

Ji un- my uncle, dong sing, my mothers brother.

8:24- Cowboy hat, just as crazy as before. Look at this honey. Pretty!

All these kids, boy you had a big family. I wish I was there with them! Fat, put some weight on ya. They have always been a close knit family Renee. I’m gonna
take her to puson, take a bus. Hahahaha, I think you look cute now, than before. Your mother is pretty now.

10:36- very famous temple. Is made 10 hundred years ago. 1500 years ago. It’s very very old.

Isn’t monk lives there? Priest? M-O-N-K? Oh…

Ji un- 12:13- My father’s friend, my father. My father 26 years.

12:50- He used to be a good lookin kid, I beat the hell out of him, he ran away from home too. Your daddy. He ran away. (Korean)

13:21- My younger sister. She is so cute. What’s this?

14:00- Ji un- my mothers father. 60 birthday ceremony.

Lots of food. It’s all fake. Real food.

There is a big ceremony for 60th birthday? Yes, like what?

Son and daughter, cousin, nephew, everybody congrats his birthday. We are going to go this Sunday.

What is it?

Ming so chong.

15:00- Another temple.

Ji un- It’s me, my mom, my grandma.

Chong gu!!!

My sister, me my younger sister…

16:34- Sorang mountain, we are going to today.


18:26- look at that traditional clothes.

19:45- You remember I told you they go back up to the mountain where they are buried?

Explain it to me again.
Yogi, yogi so.

His mother died, four years after they do celebration. My brother and his wife, they do this respect for death. You see where the mountain is? The mountain where they are buried, they took the body out and cremated. They did that four years ago. Korean cottage. They prey for that.

Why did they want to dig the body up and cremate it?

Because the mountain won’t be there anymore.

This is where we used to live. This is our home. We had a wall built, with a gate. When I used to come home, I was working in incheon. I used to go (Korean) yelling and screaming at me. I used to cry and go back and sleep at my girlfriends house. You don’t see it. Is your house still there?

Gone, apartment buildings.

22:40- your mother, your mother. She is so beautiful!! God mom! Look at my mom, she is sexy pretty. Tell me about that picture! What do you think?

23:22- That is not my hair. It was a wig. Leg, I got nice leg. I forgot all about that picture. There is oksun there somewhere. Oksun was looking for ant hole.

What were you doing?

Your father took this picture. My dad took this picture?

Oksun e somewhere here, looking at those ants.

24:29- there are more pictures, with stairway. Suwon, used to be lake, pond, bridge go across. Seoul. That stairs. Zoo. There is ducks geese. I don’t believe he had that one.

25:56- Ji un- we go…

This picture I had at home.

R- yeah, I remember that picture! You had a lot of hair.

26:29- ji un- he was 18 years old when he took this. Look at this renee, we were there today, no water! Chebu island. Same thing.

Tell me what this picture is of. We look for clam there.

R- Where we were today, same picture different time period.

I can’t believe you got that picture~!

28:27- her home, many pictures very pretty. Gorgeous! Look how old he looks, looks like professor or something.

Hahahaha. Someone’s tired! That’s my cousin cousin cousin.

Big family! That’s my uncle.

29:50- that’s your cousin. My cousin and your cousin!
Two you haven’t met. From my older sister who died. She was my half sister. Two half sister, her mother, she un I ga.


31:00- That’s when all the hell lose, tell her that. When her mother, my mother Korean- raise me like her own kid, but her daughter came along, I got jealous. I got jealous. That is when all the hell broke lose, because I was teenager. Uma gagao, we didn’t have anything to eat, I am fixing it in the kitchen and they are in the table laughing it doesn’t look good.

33:09- ji un- my friend, my friend…

I like that picture. Ohhhhh. That is so beautiful. Korean says pabat.

It’s so beautiful, traditional wedding.

Jiun- traditional clothes. That’s beautiful. She is gorgeous.

34:41- That looked like me! Yeah she does. Look it! Awwww. I tell you you guys did a good job. When I came here you wouldn’t be I was surprised he has such a beautiful family here.

35:00- ji unIt’s me and my mother…

Korean school whole festival, whole school activity.

This is what we do, everybody participates, everyone has something to do.

What happened when you ran, I lost, so I started to walk away, and I look and they are there, and they grabbed me, and say you won!!

36:44- remember I told you we got a lot of ya knee cha na, I am glad you had that I was trying to explain to her everyone in korea, years ago. They do this, and see mommy do this.

She is so cute.

Ji un- There is cheju island.

I’m looking for como picture I haven’t seen it.

38:10- Jiun- childrens musical, dance.

Mom- I need a magnifying glass here. Yogi cha na, yogi sao.

I thought that was another guy, Yogi nan sho…

40:00- O- That’s an old picture.

You see this picture? Did you know who she look like? Dean and her. Yeah. It’s my younger sister. Yeah, they do they look just like . Plus you can tell by this. Isn’t that something, it runs in the jeans like that? Looks like Isabella, My granddaughter. That looks like me! I was fat! How did you give birth to me. I broke my collar bone, I gave you hell. That’s my brother! How did he get in here! Dean!

42:30- see why I say that picture look ! Their head, he looks very Korean! Did you know he stand up, he put on school class picture…

Where is this taken? Your house? My house? I don’t recognize it!

Where is me, honey? Chinese. My father, your mother, grandmother. That’s your step mom? Who’s this? Yang du cheik. Yang du juan. That’s my mom? Oh, so pretty. Look at my son! They have my face. I have that at home. Pretty. This is one I have to make copy. They have better place to go. Can we make copy? I have scanner.

I got that home, when I saw that picture I said she look beautiful.

45:33- Ya see, Oksun ee, nose is the same.

Apugee… Korean…

I didn’t know she was that big, look at me little Chinese. I’m glad I saw this picture, you have some old pictures here.

Birthday party?
46:49- I love these pictures, I know what she look like, now I know what she looks like. She used to be pretty women. I think five or six years old, well, so deep. He fell in that! Three times, somebody saved it. This is a true story. Harmony possessed by something, everyday go get the water, she prey. She did, everyday. And she used to go cure people’s sickness.

R- Whose that?
Omaga, she used to collect three rice from neighbor, she used to do something with the apple branch, I watched her.

R- Shaman?

Ji un-Yes, Korean shaman.

R- Your mom.

O- Yes. Prey everyday.

r- That’s where I get that from, your mom.

O- She did that, everyday. Oh yeah, I see her everyday, she get’s water and put’s it on this pedastol. All of a sudden her hand goes, kkkkk o go. I seen my own eyes, doin all that. She, (Korean) when she does, she up, her hand goes … everyday I watched her. I don’t understand it. I still don’t understand it.

O- What was she doing?

R- She was being a shaman. She was invoking the spirits. She was a shaman, so they were taking over her body. So she could heal people.

o- But she couldn’t heal herself.

R- But she was ment to go at that time, when she died.

o- She wasn’t able to heal herself, but she could heal other people. I went many times with her.


53:10- I cried, stupid me, I go to work in incheon, every weekend I want to go home. I don’t even stay there. I don’t give up, I want her to approve what I am doing. But she won’t.

R- who you talking about? Step mom?

O- I wanted her to love me, not …

54:09- Korean…

55:00- go to Chinese vege stand, gets them in the cart. 3 in the morning. They used to have a lot of em… and she used to be 9-10, still… I see why she not coming home, so I used to bring her home, she could hardly walk. She walked here to over there, she stop. I used to say, she had lung cancer or something. She had it so bad. But she still did this everyday. She did that everyday. Like me every week I work, after work take bus 45 minutes, (Korean) you see that picture, uma, I cry and go back out…

1:00- oh that’s the picture, that’s the picture she looks like me! Hahahaha. You know you guys are the same, the face of pretty woman. She said the wide head is the best of pretty woman. They both have the same forehead!!

1:01:26- Today is Monday, test test. September 6 and today we went to , we started out and we drove somewhere far. Where did we drive to? What was the first place we went to. Kongwon province, puson kung. Near the DMZ. This morning we went to the monestary, monk wei chong temple. We saw the temple with so many beautiful buildings. With the four giants guarding Buddha. Guarding their master. One man has the sword, another has Chinese instr. Another has dragon, and another has spear. Does it sound ok?

Yes, sound is good. We were walking around, and we saw the beautiful water. So beautiful and peaceful and clean and flowing. Then I can’t remember what we did. Lot’s of food. We stopped and had food. We ate acorn jelly and that’s called Korean speaks acron jelly is totori bu.

1:05:00- we walked by the rocks, then kept driving and stopped for raw fish. We ate raw fish, flat fish. Squid, and roasted squid.

R- where?

In chung mun jin hyung.

What was that last thing I ate that was ..

Roasted squid, and finally you ate mong gee.

Yes I ate this thing called mong gee, at the beginning I ate it it was bitter, and then sweet. The flat fish was delicious, and the octopus was kind of chewy. And the other stuff was weird too. Soo…

1:07- we kept driving and driving, the land was beautiful, and then we went to, where did we go? After the fish we came here. We ate the saw fish and then we went to… about one hour driving, we came here.

And now we are eating again, and drinking, and watch the ocean. Tomorrow we will wake up and watch the sun rise, and watch north korea and keep driving again. And my mom is watching me.

This village is south Koreas final village. Byong ha dgee. We are driving to the DMZ area, and we are going to north korea area, to the gate. We bought our ticket and are driving there.

We’re here? I thought we were driving more… we’re here?