Aqueela Sherrill

[00:00:00] Aqeela: As I am Aqeela Sherrils. I’m the executive director of the Community Self-determination Institute a former member of the Grape Street Crips out of Jordan down housing projects here in Watts.

[00:00:34] Miae:So tell me what were you doing when the La Riots broke out?

[00:00:40] Aqeela: What I was doing during the breakout of The L.A. riots was actually working with an organization that we co-founded with Hall of Fame where Jim Brown called Amer-I-Can. And at the time we were Read more...

Angela Oh

Angela Oh, Korean lawyer re: LA Riots
Interview by Dmae Roberts
Date: 2/15/05
1 Disc, 10 Tracks – 62:14
Second half of the disc with Sonny Kang

TRACK 8 – 0:43


DMAE: Anything I should be concerned about?

ANGELA: It’s more on the level of petty politics than real politics. Did you see this? It’s a really sad article about what’s happening with the labor in this country. Okay.

TRACK 9 – 1:19

DMAE: I’m ready to go anytime you are, and in the interests of economy I’m Read more...

Sharmala Drapa

I’m Sharmala Drapa and I’m an assistant professor in sociology here at the university of Texas at Austin in sociology and Asian American studies.
This is I just finished four years of being in Austin. I graduated from Madison, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin at Madison where I spent a LARGE amount of time being at graduate school. It was a bit difficult to leave the town.

Um I came to the united states in 1989 as a graduate student in Environmental studies and got my master’s in that Read more...